Junior High/High School Student Handbook

Below you will find the 2019-2020 student handbook.   It is broken into two parts to speed up download speed on your personal device.

Part I

Page    Topic

  1. General School Information
  2. Parent Guardian Handbook Acknowledgement
  3. Student Handbook Acknowledgement
  4. Student Fundraising
  5. Accommodating Persons with Disabilities
  6. Video Monitoring Systems
  7. Emergency School Closings
  8. School Volunteers
  9. Volunteer Information Form and Waiver of Liability
  1. Animals on School Property
  2. Equal Opportunity/Nondiscrimination Statement
  3. Visitors
  4. High School Graduation Requirements
  1. BR-H Required Courses and Class Offerings
  1. Testing Out
  1. Early Graduation
  2. Credit for Alternative Courses and Programs
  1. Dual Enrollment
  2. Homework
  3. Grading and Promotion
  4. School Breakfast and Lunch Program
  5. Fees, Charges, and Fines: Waiver of Student Fees
  6. Application for Fee Waiver
  7. Parking
  1. Bus Transportation
  1. Safety Drill Procedures and Contact
  2. Emergency Medical Authorization
  3. Student Medical Authorization Form
  1. Head Lice
  2. Communicable Diseases
  3. Student Medications
  4. Exhibit – Authorization for Student Self-Medication Form
  1. Immunizations
  2. School Guidance and Counseling



Part II

Page    Topic

  1. Student Discipline (also see School Behavior Handbook for details – included on website)
  1. Hazing
  2. Physical Assault
  3. Sexual Harassment
  4. Field Trip Expectations
  5. Lunch and Cafeteria Rules
  1. Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment
  1. School Dress Code/Student Appearance
  2. General Building Conduct
  3. Search and Seizure
  1. Athletic Rules and Code of Conduct (See Athletic Handbook for details – included on website)
  1. Attendance at School Dances
  2. Equal Access for Non-School Sponsored Clubs
  3. Student Athletes and Head Injuries
  4. Discipline of Students with Disabilities
  5. Education of Students with Disabilities
  6. Student Privacy Protections
  1. Requests from Military or Institutions of Higher Learning
  2. Age of Majority
  3. Student Records
  1. Mandated Reporters
  2. Pesticide Application Notice
  3. English Language Learners
  4. Parental Involvement (Title I)
  1. Notice to Parents/Guardians of Students Enrolled in Sex Education Classes
  1. Homeless Child’s Right to Education
  2. Standardized Testing
  3. Teacher Qualifications
  4. Students With Severe Food Allergy or Chronic Illness
  5. BR-H Emergency Response Plan – Food Allergy Emergency
  6. Care of Students with Disabilities
  7. Authorization to Provide Diabetes Care, Release of Health Care, and Acknowledgement of Responsibilities



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